1986'd Music Industries project is mostly run by a group of former and current staffers, volunteers, and fundraising board members from 924 Gilman Street, a punk venue and community space, located in Berkeley, California, USA. Faced with the destructiveness of scene drama, social climbing and fading interest in local music, we decided to do something positive for our community and created and company with the goal of putting out records that capture what is happening in our scene currently, as well as re-releasing classic records by Gilman and San Francisco Bay Area bands.


At least 10% of the profit from every release will go directly to 924 Gilman to help achieve its fundraising goals. The hope is that 1986'd Music Industries' releases will provide an intriguing catalog of current and past bands to garner appreciation of music from different eras. As a group, we believe there are important things happening in the DIY Bay Area punk rock music scene. We want to be a platform between these dynamic projects and a greater audience.


1986'd Music Industries is an LLC, owned and operated as a collective by its member-owners. Those involved all have the goals of creating an accessible means to put out punk rock music and of showcasing current bands in our local scene. 


SUPPORT GILMAN   https://www.924gilman.org/



We encourage feedback and participation.

Reach out to us @ 1986dmusicindustries@gmail.com