If you are a jaded, sarcastic, grumpy, old fuck, kinda OFF WITH YOUR HEADS fist-pumping, tough guy, or spiky belted punk rocker, then this record is not for you. While SHIRTS-OFF PARTY PUNK makes its comeback at each passing these boys never stopped with their PANTS-OFF tom-foolery. If you are like fun sometimes slightly wacky stuff and music and Weird Al and old metal you have found heaven. This is all funny, sweet, hyper-fueled punk-rockage. The lyrics are sappy love songs about girls, but you can’t tell. A lot of the songs vary in style from super fast punk, to great DESCENDENTSY pop punk songs, to who knows what. There is also some bossanova riffage thrown in too and much like the band FUN PEOPLE they pull it off all these styles without missing a beat.